Data mapping and analysis

Codex Consulting helps clients navigate data acquisition and use. We provide services to students, academics, non-profits, governments and private firms with research projects in all stages of development and across subjects and disciplines.

Quantitative Data

♦ Dataset construction: importing and merging data; data cleaning and formatting; codebook of variables; coding of new variables
♦ Descriptive statistics: summary descriptions of central tendency; dispersion; range; skewness; outliers; clustering
♦ Sampling: simple random sampling; stratified sampling; representative samples

♦ Regression Analysis:
* Linear regression to find best fit among variables
* Logistic regression to forecast the probability of an outcome
* Stepwise regression for selecting independent variables

♦ ANOVA for differences within and across groups
♦ Graphical displays of data and statistical results




Qualitative Data

♦ Development of concepts to understand social, economic and political phenomena
♦ Organization and analysis of transcripts of interviews, focus groups, field notes, and audio recordings
♦ Thematic analysis

Data Mapping 

♦ Population, Age, Race
♦ Education levels and spending
♦ Housing composition and housing prices
♦ Income and employment
♦ Consumer spending

Colorado Elections Data
♦ General Election results
♦ Primary Election results
♦ Voter registration and turnout